Dim Sum With a Difference 2018

  • Boyle McCauley Health Centre wishes to thank the following organizations whose financial support contributed to the success of the 22nd Annual "DIM SUM with a DIFFERENCE"


    Mint Health & Drugs
    Inglewood Medicine Shoppe


    Dolar Drug Mart


    Smart Pharmacy

    Rexall Health Solutions

    Jasper Pharmacy (Pharmachoice)

    Gryphon Benefits & Insurance


    The Avenue Clothing Co.
    Company’s Coming Publishing Ltd.
    Cookies by George
    Acoustic Drum Shop
    City of Edmonton Facility’s
    Dutches Bake Shop
    Band R Auto
    Greenland Garden Centre
    Hawkings Epp Dumont
    Healing Connection
    Susanne Luhmann
    Her Honor Judge Julie Lloyd
    Insite Law
    Nancy Mclead and Sharon Jacobs
    Kulhmanns Greenhouse
    Fort in view Golf Course
    Edmonton Soaring Club
    Holes Greenhouse
    Lakeside Capital Vision Care
    Lucky 97
    Shoppers Drug Mart City Centre East
    Stony Plain Recording
    Metro Cinema
    Russell Hendrix Food Service
    Women with Vision
    Millcreek Nursery
    Salisbury Greenhouse
    Italian Bakery
    Old Spaghetti Factory
    Modern Gravity
    Mercer Tavern
    Crash Hotel
    Craft Beer
    Alley Kat Brewery
    Delta Hotel
    Accapella Catering
    Sherbrooke Liqour Store
    Rapid Fire Theatre
    Varscona Theatre
    Gryphon Benefits & Insurance
    Love of Cakes
    Bonton Bakery
    State and Main
    Amsteam Carpet Cleaning
    Alberta Craft Council
    Acoustic Music Shop
    Yoga for life
    Extrenal Affairs
    Blind Enthusiasm Brewing Company
    Dr. Cameron Barr
    Ruth Cossever
    Paola Yip
    Cal Bursey
    Bella Casa Design Centre Ltd.
    Float House
    Edmonton Eskimos Football Club
    The Moth Café
    Carols Sweets
    The Altelier (Mellissa)
    Table Top Café
    Board and Brew Café
    Escape City
    Smarty Pants
    Camola Sustainable Bakery (Market)
    Meatstreet Pies (Market)
    Ada’s Soap Shop
    Sherbrooke Fruits
    Famosa Pizza (Downtown)
    Chateau Lacombe (The Laronde)
    Cookie Love
    De Cappo Café
    Body Devotion Tommy Guns Barbershop
    Jiffy Lube
    The Burgers Priest
    Art of Cake
    Bridges Catering
    Dadeo’s Restaurant
    Jean Ure
    Upper Crust
    Arden Theatre
    Telus World of Science
    The Underground
    Vertically Inclined
    Lazerquest Edmonton
    Blush Lane
    Studio Theatre
    Lazerquest/Edmonton Paintball
    Paintball Action Games
    The Comic Strip
    Acquired Taste Tea
    High Level Diner
    Yuk Yuk’s
    Wholly Mamma
    Tony Harris
    Sturgeon Valley Golf Course
    Pat Henderson
    Yvonne Resnick
    Allegro Restaurant
    Elements Wholistic Centre Inc.
    Tyrell Museum of Paleontology
    Breakout East
    Body Devotion
    Blush Artistry
    Aileen Quinn
    Carols Sweets
    Crafty Cooks
    Kim’s Catering
    Rabbit Hill Ski Resort
    Denise Marcel
    Nancy Easton
    Daria Szwszwiwicz
    Dorethy Guch

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