Services & Programs

To effectively meet the needs of a client group that is challenged by multiple barriers, including poverty, homelessness, mental health, multiple addictions, and social isolation requires a diverse and flexible array of programs and services.

In the last year 104,977 requests for service were addressed by our many programs, including the medical and dental clinics, social workers, and Women's Health Promotion program.

Our off-site programs including the Community Nursing Station at Herb Jamieson, HAART House and Kindred House saw an additional 26,000 visits. In order to further increase access, we also provided services at four community agencies and our practitioners do home visits when required.

Be alert to give service. What counts a great deal in life is what we do for others.

Are you looking for medical care?

We provide a broad range of medical services. We are equipped to deal with minor emergencies, including stitches, burn treatment, and wound treatment.

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