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Chronic problems, like poverty, poor nutrition, unsafe housing and lack of prenatal care, harm our health. Here at the centre, we work to eliminate that harm. Our work goes behind the care and dignity we provide for those in need. We also work with community residents to create a healthier neighbourhood. We advocate for health by working to address the underlying social issues.

The centre does not charge for most services. A person can walk in without an appointment. Laboratory and x-ray services are available on Site. Community nursing staff also go into people's homes to provide support and care. Many of the centre's services take place in the community, outside the walls of the health centre.

As a volunteer you may want to work behind the scenes. You may want to join the board of directors, help with administrative duties or work directly with the people helping the health centre deliver its programs and services.

Benefits of Volunteering

While there is no hard research to prove that volunteering extends life expectancy, there are certainly indications that it enhances personal wellbeing. In fact, we like to think of volunteering as one of the best health promotion initiatives we offer.

Volunteers have told us that volunteering at the health centre has benefited them in the following ways:

  • "I feel better about myself when I volunteer. I feel like I am supported."
  • "Volunteering provides me with an opportunity to give back to the community."
  • "I have gained valuable experience to further my career. What I have learned and the contact I have made, helped me to find a position that allowed me to use my skills."
  • "Volunteering has provided me with an opportunity to make friends. I have made friends with the staff, other volunteers and community members who come to the Health centre."

The Boyle McCauley Health Center is only one neighbourhood volunteer opportunity. Volunteers also work outside the centre, making our streets safer, developing safer housing, staffing food banks, managing a local loan fund, and many other initiatives that strengthen the community.

Charity sees the need,
not the cause.
German Proverb

Volunteer Opportunities

Here are some of the opportunities available to our volunteers.

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We like to think of volunteering as one of the best health promotion initiatives we offer.

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